Learning chemistry means gaining an understanding of the properties, composition, and structure of matter, the changes that alter the identity of substances, and the energy changes that take place during such transformations. Students explore the nature of the physical world, the problems facing a technological society, and the philosophy, methods, and limitations of science.


Research Opportunities

All faculty members involve students in their research programs, providing a highly valuable learning experience that prepares students for further education and careers.

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Hugel Science Center houses classrooms, seminar rooms, and instrument room, along with laboratories dedicated to teaching analytical, biochemistry, general, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry.

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After Graduation

Graduate school? Medical school? Pharmaceuticals? Dental school? All of these are possible after graduation with a chemistry major.

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Department Information

H. David Husic
Head of Chemistry
Hugel Science Center
Easton, PA 18042-1768
(610) 330-5222
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