The Department of Chemistry offers programs that introduce students to the study of the properties, composition, and structure of matter; the changes that alter the identity of substances; and the energy changes that take place during such transformations. The department is approved by the American Chemical Society for the professional training of chemists and offers sound training in principles and techniques for students who plan careers in chemistry, biochemistry, and closely allied fields. For those without definite career aims, the major provides an excellent background or understanding the nature of the physical world and the problems that face a technological society, and gives insight into the philosophy, methods, and limitations of science.

Students studying in the department may choose either an A.B. or a B.S. degree in chemistry or biochemistry. The B.S. degree in chemistry meets the standards of the American Chemical Society and is preferred by graduate schools and government and industry employers who seek maximum professional capability at the undergraduate level. The A.B. degrees offer students more flexibility in the curriculum.

Lafayette’s Department of Chemistry offers extensive research opportunities that go beyond those of many undergraduate colleges; all faculty members involve students in their research programs, providing a highly valuable learning experience that is an important part of the preparation of  students for further education and careers.