Assistant Professor of Chemistry
228 Hugel Science Center


  • B.S., Saint John Fisher College
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Postdoctoral; Pacific Northwest National Lab

Courses: Chem 121: General Chemistry 1; Chem 231L – Analytical Chemistry 1 (lab)

Research: Research in the Mensch group focuses on understanding the behavior and implications of microplastics and engineered nanomaterials in aqueous environments. We use a variety of analytical tools to characterize the behavior of these materials in the environment, their interactions with natural organic matter and organic pollutants, and assess the biological impacts of both pristine and transformed materials. Information gained from these studies will enable a more thorough assessment of the environmental impact of microplastics and nanomaterials and allow us to actively pursue approaches to mitigate any adverse effects.